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Housing Loan

BOC Housing Loan Application

It takes only few minutes to complete your request. When you're finished we'll give you a response immediately.

What you'll need?

Calculate your eligible loan amount using "Loan Calculator" provided in this site.

Your BOC account number (if you have one).

Financial details including your income & expenses.

You are required to specify your purpose. Accordingly you will be notified information required to process your request.

What happens after you apply?

SMS will be sent to your mobile number, with a reference, acknowledging your request.

You will be notified (via email) to submit documents, if eligible to proceed.

Once your Loan is approved, SMS/email confirmation will be sent informing the next step.

Eligibility requirements

Age between 18 to 60 years.

Be a Sri Lankan citizen.

Should fall into one of the following groups


       Permanent Employees of government, semi-government or private sector


       Farmer or Cultivators with seasonal income

Number of applicants

            Only individual applications are facilitated online. For joint applications, please visit nearest BOC branch.

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