Account Opening
Personal Savings Accounts

Getting Started

It takes only few minutes to complete your request. When you're finished we'll give you a response immediately.

Who can open accounts?

If you are a resident of Sri Lanka over the age of 18 years, you can open a Savings Account.

Select your Savings Account

Before you continue with online application, decide on the best suit Savings Account type from the list of products available with the Bank.

         Available Account types

What you'll need?

You need to provide following identification proof documents at the branch visit.

(a) National Identity Card, Driving Licence or Passport

(b) Address Verification Documents. ?

What happens after you apply?

SMS will be sent to your mobile number, with a reference, acknowledging your request.

Visit your BOC branch, with the reference number and identification proof document/s, to complete the process.

If eligible, your account will be opened immediately with requested other facilities such as ATM card, Internet Banking, and SMS alert.

Important notice

            Only individual applications are facilitated online. For joint applications, please visit nearest BOC branch.

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